Baby Cloud

Discover Baby Cloud, an application that has been created especially for parents who are eager to safely share the big moments of their children.

Baby Cloud

Baby Cloud is an application that has been created especially for parents who are eager to safely share the big moments of their children. Create photo albums only visible by yourself as well as selected members of your family and friends.

Share your child’s progress despite the distance, via a totally secure photo sharing.

The first tooth, first smile, first meal, and so many precious moments you want to capture and share with your friends. It is easy to use; simply invite grandpa, grandma, auntie, godfather… and all your friends on Baby Cloud with a few clicks and let them enjoy seeing your toddlers growing up!

Create unique memories thanks to the various announcements and photo books that you can create for multiple occasions.

Share your photos with total privacy

Post your photos securely, create community albums with people of your choice. Customize photos as you please with a wide range of filters and frames to enhance your photos.

Invite your family members to see pictures of your child

No more privacy concerns, ask a member of your family or your friends to participate in your album. Share the progress of your children even with people who are far away. With Baby Cloud, they can comment on your photos and enjoy the activities of your little ones.

Save your albums

Create your holiday albums and make sure nothing is lost through the saving feature. Keep your photos within easy reach and give access to whomever you want with a single click!

Create your baptism or birth announcements

Use the photos from your albums to make your birth or baptism announcements through an impressive collection of designs available in the editing gallery.
In just few clicks, you can choose from a large number of announcements in different styles.

Keep an unforgettable memory by creating photo books

Because your children’s biggest moments are unforgettable, create unique photo books and have fun browsing these magical moments. Edit beautiful albums that you can print and share with people of your choice! Choose the summer, winter, or even the modern style. Several themes are available to arrange your photos like a professional.

Other features

  • Take part in the monthly contest with your best child’s picture and win lots of presents!
  • Access your photos from your Smartphone or tablet.
  • Lots of upcoming new features to celebrate the progress of your children.


We guarantee that no photo on Baby Cloud will be sold or used for commercial purposes.

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